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Memorization trick.

Posted by wakenda on 2006.09.14 at 09:18
Hey everybody. I just learned a particularly cool trick for memorizing Shakespeare from my Classical Workshop teacher. You write out whatever speech it is, with only the first letter of each word and the ounctuation. And then you use it to run lines with yourself. It's lovely and quite helpful. Apparently it's a thing the Brits use. Thought I'd pass it on. And I miss you guys and YSP and hope everything's going (reasonably) well.

Posted by annahshp on 2006.09.13 at 22:57
hay guys....so today in English class we listened to a tape of a british poet reading one of her poems that we were supposed to have read for howework.  One of the students commented on the tape, sayng that the poem sounded different in a british accent.  it was at this moment that i realized that i read things in my head with a british accent.  i was woundering if this was a "i preform shakespeare on a regualr bases" thing, or if i'm just really obbsessed with the british :)

Posted by annahshp on 2006.09.05 at 13:23
hay guys.... i know i'm not in ysp/ madison anymore, but i'd still like to stay in the ysp loop.  if somone would post stuff once in a while (cast lists, big changes, etc) that would be really cool.  also call me if some really juicy gossip comes up :)  just kidding...gossip is BAD

Posted by acteonputation on 2006.09.02 at 18:48
happy birthday leah! (and emily who's birthday was this past sunday)



Posted by an_apple_ist on 2006.09.01 at 20:36
If you were to ask any given person who had participatede in the program for a substantial amount of time how to describe the atmosphere, they might call it "non-competitive, respectful, friendly, non-clique-i-ness-ish" -- or, at least, that's how I have heard it described to many a number of times. I also have described it that way to many people. But is this really true?

I know nothing about how others experience YSP, but I do know how I do/did. Therefore I am solely able to offer up my views. The first day of my first production, I was quite intimidated. All I noticed was how there were groups of friends, all talking together and laughing hysterically at inside jokes. I noticed that I wasn't wearing the same kind of clothes, I didn't know to say "neither" with an 'eye'... In fact, only about two people spoke to me, one of which talking at me excitedly ("AT" being the keyword), recounting how they had received their first choice in every. single. role. they had ever read for.

They say by voting the actors really get to choose who gets the roles. And, I honest-to-God believe that happens a lot of the time. You feel proud when the person you voted for, who REALLY deserved the part, gets the part. But there is also a burden in this. There is a LOT of "who did you vote for...?" s during the break, and one cannot help noticing when your name does not reside on the ballot of your neighbor. And although it's impounded into your brain time and time again by Richard and Anne that "you will learn to LOVE the part you're given," it doesn't seem to stop the tears the when you receive the casting -- and the part you've anticipated ever since the play was announced has another name beside it. They say that everyone is treated the same, that you are not judged by your roles or your number of productions, but that's not true all the time. When your bio fills up a fourth of an inch next to someone who's done almost thirty productions, it can make you feel small.

But, then again, there are always the ultra-high moments that keep the kids coming back. The first time a veteran YSPer comes into the theatre, sits by you on their own accord, and starts up a conversation. The first time an older YSPer talks to you as an equal, even though you're four grades below them. The first time you get a positive comment for a scene, even though you feel as if you had failed miserably. The first time you go racing down Monroe Street with your new friends. The first time you all go out to Perkins, and you feel like a family. The first time you put makeup on, the first costume. The first time yuo walk up onto the stage, and you feel as if the natural euphoria will never end. The first time you bow, and you really feel you're part of something bigger than yourself-- that you're needed, that you're appreciated, that you belong.

It makes me sad when I see or hear bad things about another YSPer, and even worse when the person listening doesn't say "hey, that's not right." It might be 'okay' now, but how do you know the next person they talk about is you? What if they hate *you,* are turning everyone against *you*? The petty fear, and self-absorbed as it might be, still presses in my mind. The thing is, I don't think there is ANYONE at YSP who deserves to be hated. Yeah, people have done things I'm not wild about, but they're still there, every day, doing the same thing you are, just reaching for a little piece of the big goal, understanding.

YSP can be anything that we want it to be. It can be the best place in the world. We just have to want it.

Posted by acteonputation on 2006.08.24 at 13:34
Dear YSPers,

I have the following questions for discussion: (Note that these are hypothetical, and come from me as a philosolpher, not as someone in a position of authority.)

1. When I say 'rules', I mean unwritten rules as well as written ones. What should the rules for ysp be?
2. What are YSP's values and how have they influenced you? Positive and negative anecdotes are both acceptable here.
3. Is YSP's gift of community, cooperation, and anti-competitiveness (collectivism) applicable to other situations?

P.S Come see King Lear tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

Robert Allen Zimmerman

Just joined this group, I guess I'll post the info...

Posted by reynaldo06 on 2006.08.18 at 00:18
Current Music: In My Life - The Beatles
Hello all. I just recently joined LJ and found you people, and became a member of the yspers, so I guess I have to post the required information:

Name: Lukas
Age: 14
Favorite Charectors Played: Henry Bollingbroke (later Henry IV), Malvolio (not actually with YSP), Iago
Favorite Play: "Hamlet" and "Henry IV Pt. 1"
Favorite Scene: Henry IV/Prince Hal confrontation scene, and Malvolio's last scene.
Current Charactors?: Edmond, and soon: The Statue
Notes: In three months, I will have been in YSP for seven years.

Posted by annahshp on 2006.05.29 at 21:51
so...i just joined....as per orders here's my info Name:Shanna Age:Old Favorite Charectors Played:umm..nobody will be surprised but i have 3 HOTSPUR, the Nusrse, and Lady macbeth Favorite Play:Much Ado About Nothing Favorite Scene:Spirits from the vasty deep/ s;leepwalking scene Current Charectors?:all done



Posted by an_apple_ist on 2006.05.14 at 11:42
Spring Workshop tiene dos obras de teatro! Viernes y domingo. !Vamos!

Viva la obra del arte!

Posted by menica on 2005.12.11 at 17:43
So if anyone has a cast list for winter workshop, could they maybe tell me what parts i'm playing? or even type up the whole cast list if they want to... yeah. Oh, and telling me what sami's playing is on top priority, too. thanks.

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